Entrepreneurship and an industrial approach have been the core of the Finxon Global business model since the start and from the very beginning, the focus has been on sustainable portfolio company development.


We have been in the system since 2019 owing our market success to a value-oriented corporate culture that focuses on long-term returns. We invest sustainably. And we are committed to long-term partnerships: as an investor, we work with our expert brokers, project developers, property developers, and operators who pursue the same interests as we do. In co-investments, we become our clients’ investment partners. In this way, we offer them the opportunity to participate directly in diverse market.

Since it was founded 2018, Finxon Global has transformed itself into a differentiated European leader within private markets, with a global focus. Over this period, Finxon Global has raised EUR 61 billion of Assets, and Finxon Global have invested in more than 240 portfolio companies, through 31 separate funds across several business lines. The driving force has been a passion for supporting the development of companies that are strong and sustainable in the long-term – a passion that has remained the same for long and which the Company believes to be a key differentiator for Finxon Global.