General Questions.

FinxonGlobal is an automated real-time live trading experience that trades for you, using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with effective robots trading for maximum profitability.

FG is an investment company which trades in Forex and shares. FG is involved primarily in Arbitrage Trading.

Three major products/services for now: Fully automated arbitrage trading; Staking; and Shares.

Buying Crypto/Token/Currency in one market (exchange) and selling in another market while taking advantage of the price difference to make a profit. FG engages in fully Automated Arbitrage trading and Forex trading.

You sign up using a referral link, do your KYC, do fund your account with a minimum of $100 and relax while the Pro trades for you.

No! Finxon Global is fully automated. Real traders trades for you together with the AI bot.

KYC is the acronym for Know Your Customer. Provide the requested information and valid means of identification, and the KYC will complete quickly, most likely within minutes.
However, if an error is detected then it may take up to 24 hours, so ensure that your ID is in date, valid and clearly legible.
The KYC is absolutely necessary to ensure that the platform is not infested with robots, fictitious or fake accounts.
This will ensure that there is a real human being behind every registered user.

The minimum amount required for trading in Finxon Global is $100 USD. The currency is BTC, ethereum, usdt (erc20). The purpose of the low deposit is to ensure no one is left behind, in order to enhance all-inclusive participation. The entry level is made low on purpose.

There is no cap on the amount for trading! You can trade with any amount you want.

At the moment, the maximum amount withdrawable per day is $10,000. This is partly because of regulatory issues and sustainability measures. However, this amount will be increased over time. There is also a minimum withdrawal of $10.

Yes! you can have more than one account. Multiple accounts are allowed, hence the KYC requirement. This is part of the sustainability plan of the platform.

Withdrawals with Finxon Global are instant. Funds should get into your wallet almost instantaneously, subject to blockchain constraints, this process will normally be completed in a couple of minutes. However, please note that your internet connectivity may affect the speed of withdrawal.

Yes! You have the option of receiving crypto sent via blockchain or being sent to your local bank in FIAT currency. We have integrated third-party payment processors to facilitate fiat currency transactions. You need to provide your account details if you want to receive funds in your local bank/currency. Please be advised that Finxon Global has no control over the time it will take for deposits to be posted or deposited in your account.

Finxon Global is a bridge between centralised and decentralized systems, as a novel means of accommodating both local, international jurisprudence cum security of traders' funds as well as providing the convenience of trading.

Some launch certifications have been secured and more still in progress, like the regulatory licenses which require routine supervision for tracking of good standing. Specifically, Finxon is registered in Some countries like NZ, UK, while registration in other regions are on-going, taking cognisance of regulatory and policy issues.

All withdrawals are subject to a 2% fee within the platform. Normal blockchain fees apply once the funds leave the platform. Also, FIAT withdrawals will be subject to normal banking system fees and timescales.
These may differ according to your location. We currently allow users to withdraw $10k per day due to financial compliance issues, Security and sustainability purposes. We will continue to evolve as we go on.

Yes, users/traders can transfer funds from one Finxon account to another, but you must have kyc before you can transfer funds from one account to another.

Yes, you can stop your account from trading by withdrawing all of your capital and profit during the 20 minute withdrawal window, subject to the maximum daily withdrawal amount, currently $10,000. There is a fee attached to this process.

Each user/trader gets from 5% weekly depending on the share package they have.

Yes, there are referrals. There are three levels of referrals: Level 1 (L1), Level 2 (L2) and Level 3 (L3) with rewards of 20%, 10% and 5% respectively of trader’s/user’s total weekly profits. Therefore, there is a referral system of 6% paid instantly.

Yes, there's auto-compounding. After a trade cycle, if you don't withdraw your profits within the 20 minutes window, the system will auto-compound.

Yes, there are leadership rewards. 500,000 volumes ($500,000) in their networks in L1, L2 and L3 will be given a monthly salary/reward of $5000. 1,000,000 volumes ($1,000,000) in their networks in L1, L2 and L3 will be given a monthly salary/reward of $10000. 2,000,000 volumes ($2,000,000) in their networks in L1, L2 and L3 will be given a monthly salary/reward of $20000. 3,000,000 volumes ($3,000,000) in their networks in L1, L2 and L3 will be given a monthly salary/reward of $30000. ETC

No! We have decided to give our users who are heavy marketers and have large networks of people a very unusual consideration so that they can profit from their advertisements and marketing. Our default link will not be on the website. Rather, people can only register on the site with referral links. We as a company will put our referral link on our marketing and advertising materials because we will also engage in massive advertisement and aggressive marketing.

Founder is Lancelot E Robbins from NZ. We keep the profile of our management confidential for security reasons. The executive team is composed of owners/founders (who came together from several continents and various walks of life), the developers/tech team, marketing/advertisement, operations, and administrators. These teams are working with concerted efforts and collaboratively to deliver pragmatic, sustainable, world-class, ultramodern and a very secure platform using innovative and emerging technologies.

Check on the website “contact” to see office address.